Mallorca – Trip Details And Pricing Model

This trip is a photography trip. Video production on demand, prices on request. For this trip, we have a  transparent and interesting introductional pricing model prepared for you (valid for this Mallorca trip):


We are giving away the following limited* slots for this trip:
* limited to 6 exclusive half day slots or 3 exclusive whole day slots | 12 non exclusive half day slots or 6 non exclusive whole day slots


  • Book a half day non exclusive* -> € 400 including all taxes
  • Book a half day exclusive* -> € 800 including all taxes


  • Book a whole day non exclusive* -> € 700 including all taxes
  • Book a whole day exclusive* -> € 1.400 including all taxes


* half day = about four hours including travel / preparation time
* whole day = about eight hours including travel / preparation time

* non exclusive = brands of 2 customers within one slot
* exclusive = well, the period you booked, is yours!


  • You want to add more half or whole day periods after a booked whole day? Save 50 percent of the fares presented above for each additionally booked period.


We offer three types of locations for you: Landscape (may but will not necessarily include the area of our Finca we are staying), historical villages (may but will not necessarily include the capital) and finally seaside / beach. When booking a half day, you may chose one of the location offers, if booking a whole day, you may chose two of the three location opportunities.


You are invited to define your wishes concerning locations and shooting times as precisely as possible and if achievable for us, we will be try to follow all your suggestions, although there is no legal claim for you to have all your wishes totally fulfilled. In any case we will do our very best to meet your standards (and we are very sure, it will work brilliantly for you). You are invited to give us hints, how you would like to see your stuff in the pictures – you are our creative director, we are at your service.


Terms Of Use valid for this trip:

Compensation includes a „fair use“ amount of pictures of your choice with the items you delivered to us (based on the „fair use“: half day up to about 20 pictures, whole day up to about 40 pictures). The amount of items you can deliver to us is somehow limited to the capacity, our flight luggage has, so you are welcome to get in contact with us as soon as possible to discuss details.

Compensation includes furthermore world-wide valid picture rights for commercial usage for you (exceptions: no retouching unless establishing a mutual agreement about giving away RAW-files for retouching as described later, no re-selling, no handing over to microstock agencies, no giving away the picture rights to third parties unless it is necessary – like for publishing in social media platforms, handing over pictures for catalogues / magazines, …)

The pictures will be delivered as camera resolution high quality JPG within three weeks after the trip via We-transfer or similar. All pictures are delivered retouched in a reportage / lifestyle style. Extended beauty retouching or handing over RAW files for your own retouching process on request, prices on request.

You as customer grant brandpics and model(s) personal, non commercial picture rights for personal promotion. You as customer agree to be cited as brandpic’s/model’s customer in brandpic’s/model’s media and. If you are happy with our services, you are very welcome to write us a more detailed testimonial for our media.

You as customer agree to tag @brandpics_vision as author when publishing in your social media profiles. Within printed products, you agree to credit brandpics as author in the imprint of the media, credits at each picture are not necessary. You as customer also agree to credit brandpics as author in the imprint of your websites, if publishing there.

As you as customer can chose a fair use amount of pictures as described above, brandpics will deliver you low resolution previews of all captures made for you via We-Transfer or similar. You then will tell us the names/numbers of the files of your choice. We will finalize and deliver the high resolution files as described above. I you want to chose a significant higher number of pictures than described in our fair-use-rules, just tell us and we‘ll find a good and fair solution, for we are most happy, if you are happy with even a large number of pictures 🙂

Please deliver all the stuff (clothes, shoes, beachwear, lingerie, accessories, jewelry, sunglasses …) you want to have photographed along with a preferably detailled realization description and your preferred location(s) / preferred daytime within an as carefully as possible packed package at your cost to the following adress:

Guenther Achleitner – EIKONAS Photography, Hoehenstrasse 25, 4048 Puchenau – Austria

Please keep in mind, that international transport may take more or less time! We are not responsible for late deliveries and we are not responsible for damaged / missing packages. Please add a product list to your delivery to make it possible to check, if everything is within the package. Please keep in mind to send us only items, which we can transport in our flight luggage. Please keep in mind, that the model of this trip is female, so only send female clothes (unless you want to see her in male clothes intentionally 😉 ). Please keep the measurements of the model in your mind. Get in contact with us to discuss the possibility of sending two sizes, if considered necessary. If you are an Austrian local brand, it might be possible for you to deliver your items personally to the adress written above. After the trip we will return everything to you. Postal charges for the returnal package will be added to the compensation we ask for our services.

Our service is payable after delivery of the previews and your final choice. You’ll get an eletronic invoice directed to the adress, you are giving us. And hey, let‘s stay in contact! If you need more or other pictures of that trip later, just tell us and we‘ll be at your service!

A little secret at last: We‘re planning an AWESOME next trip for March next year and another very nice one for June 🙂 Just stay tuned for frequent information!


Get in touch with us and use the contact form on our frontpage to message us your booking request. We will respond as soon as possible!


* And now: Nothing more than … LET‘S ROCK 😉